We’ve been nominated for the 100 SmartTech Innovators ranking

LivingLens has been shortlisted for a prestigious nationwide innovation award run by tech publication BusinessCloud Media.

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Make poor quality video a thing of the past

Every piece of research undertaken has a purpose. Thought and care goes into planning; deciding who to speak to, what to ask them and when to ask it.  We are seeing an explosion of video content from our clients. Some projects have over 10,000[…]

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How to be seen AND heard - capturing quality video

If you’ve ever seen the dreaded ‘satellite signal not being received’ or been on a video call when you only catch every other word, you know how frustrating poor quality video can be. Especially when you’re expecting glorious HD.  When it comes to[…]

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Qual or Quant? Video does it all

We are seeing brands use video more and more. This can range from engagement videos distributed via social media through to videos embedded within marketing emails. Despite brands understanding the power of video and the high engagement from[…]

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Video storytelling…and beyond!

Video is everywhere.

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Introducing our Video Blog

We are very passionate about sharing our expertise when it comes to video for insight. Thanks to our extensive experience, we have refined our video best practices, which we would like to share with you.

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