LivingLens and MaritzCX Partner to Transform Experience Management Programs with AI and Video

TORONTO, Ontario—October 23, 2019—MaritzCX has integrated the LivingLens video intelligence platform within its experience management platform and artificial intelligence (AI) suite, giving businesses unprecedented access to customer feedback to[…]

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So many ways to shop, so little time

As the purchase journey becomes more complex, the need for shopper insights at speed has increased. At this time of year, shopping is high on my list of priorities. Some of my friends are able to shop throughout the year and calmly have everything[…]

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Enrich your surveys with video: Top tips for success

The value that video can bring to an organisation is significant.

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6 compelling reasons you should be using video questions in surveys

Using video within research isn’t new. However, advancements in technology and changes in consumer behaviour now mean you can gain a qualitative output on a quantitative scale, by including video questions in surveys.

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