How to be seen AND heard - capturing quality video

If you’ve ever seen the dreaded ‘satellite signal not being received’ or been on a video call when you only catch every other word, you know how frustrating poor quality video can be. Especially when you’re expecting glorious HD.  When it comes to consumer video, we can’t predict what people are going to say – but we can take some simple steps to ensure that whatever it is you’ll be able to see and hear it clearly.

The latest video blog in our best practice series focuses on some practical tips. Generating good quality video is key to delivering insight. The tools are more efficient and accurate when the input is good and makes for a better experience all round. The old adage of ‘you only get out what you put in’ is true for video content too.

In the next 2 episodes, we give you our top tips to ensure respondents can easily capture high quality video in surveys and qualitative projects. Demonstrating what can happen if the advice isn’t followed.

The good news is the tips are really easy to follow, no special equipment or experience is required. All respondents need is a mobile phone and a few basic guidelines and they’ll be providing great video in no time.

Simple instructions can be included whether you are capturing video in a survey through a webcam or via an app for qualitative projects. You can craft your own, or our client success team are on hand to help and can provide you with wording to include if you’d prefer.

Get in touch to join the video explosion. We can help you capture and analyze this hugely valuable source of data.

Happy watching!

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