Qual or Quant? Video does it all

We are seeing brands use video more and more. This can range from engagement videos distributed via social media through to videos embedded within marketing emails. Despite brands understanding the power of video and the high engagement from consumers, using video for insight generation is an area that is just taking off.

Video can be used anywhere you want to listen to the consumer. Instinctively, people are drawn to qualitative methodologies and the production of talking heads. However, the latest analysis technology opens up the possibility to use video at scale like never before. As a result, video can enrich the insight from quantitative projects too, such as trackers and CX programs.

This video blog series is based on the expertise we have gained through years of experience working with video. We can share with you how to incorporate video into your research programs to gain the greatest ROI.

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This is the third video blog from the LivingLens video best practice series. Carl Wong, CEO, highlights just some of the ways video can be used to generate insight across a range of methodologies.

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