Let's get personal - New LivingLens features to customize your experience

Our latest features give you a more personalised experience when using the LivingLens platform.

This ranges from the look and feel through to the content you are able to use within the platform.

  • Platform skinning
  • Content sharing
  • Text alignment

Platform skinning

We can now skin the platform to match your branding, or that of your end client for agency users. Not only can you have your logo in place, but the whole colour scheme can be updated to reflect your brand. After all, it’s your content so we thought it was only fair.

Content sharing

The initial content dashboard you see when logging into the LivingLens platform has always been a great way to push content to other users, providing the opportunity to tell a story by showcasing specific content. We’ve now extended this concept giving you more control over all the content in the media library. Content can be easily shared with your stakeholders at the click of a button, so that users see the content relevant to them. The ‘share’ icon is clearly visible on each content thumbnail so you can keep track of who can see what.

Text alignment

We’ve also come into contact with many brands and agencies who are at different stages of their video journey. Some are just starting out and are new to using video in research. Others have been utilising video for much longer and want to be able to search and analyze their historic content on the LivingLens platform. However, no-one wants to pay for something twice!

That’s where text alignment comes in.

If you have pre-existing transcriptions for your video content, these can be uploaded into the platform. The text alignment feature will sync the text file with the video content. This enables you to benefit from all the great features and analysis options within the LivingLens platform for both your existing and new content.

Don’t forget we have lots of flexible options so video can be incorporated into your project whatever the scale or budget. Our customer success team are on hand to advise you on the best options depending on your objectives.

If you’d like to start using any of the features mentioned or have any questions, get in touch at info@livinglens.tv

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