Make poor quality video a thing of the past

Every piece of research undertaken has a purpose. Thought and care goes into planning; deciding who to speak to, what to ask them and when to ask it.  We are seeing an explosion of video content from our clients. Some projects have over 10,000 videos, but we see a mix of quality.

We’ve made incorporating video into research seamless – be that in qualitative projects, video questions in quantitative surveys or Customer Experience programs. We don’t want any of that preparation and hard work to go to waste, but unfortunately it can. Poor lighting, poor sound and unstable footage can all lead to a poor video experience.

Don’t let that put you off! – it’s easy to get high quality video, by following a few simple tips.

Our best practice series continues with some more practical guidance to ensure you avoid poor quality video from consumers across all your projects. This episode builds on what we learnt in video blog 4, which focussed on filming in landscape and capturing good audio. We hope you found it useful. If you’ve not seen it yet, you can view it here – How to be seen AND heard – capturing quality video

For some more great tips, and a sneak peek into our Liverpool office, here is the latest video blog in the series:

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