LivingLens wins Tech of the Future start-up competition

Collider, the B2Brand tech start-up accelerator, was invited to host a competition at this year’s Technology for Marketing & Advertising conference! This year, TFMA was bigger and better than ever and LivingLens was part of a special event to host innovative and disruptive digital startups who can solve problems a brand is facing.  All the companies who took part have solutions to common brand problems, such as:

  • Engaging with your consumers across the world
  • Using and analysing mobile & online video advertising effectively
  • Creating unique and motivating content
  • Harnessing your social communities
  • Powering your staff with the right tools and tech to work effectively

The six finalists were:

Sumo Insight

We battled it out to be crowned ‘Tech of the Future’.  After two days of pitching and deliberating, LivingLens was crowned the winner!

LivingLens has also won a TechCities Award