LivingLens releases LivingLens Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other exciting new features

We have just released the latest version of the LivingLens video analysis platform. The updated platform boasts enhanced and added functionalities that enable users to drive even greater value from video.

The new release introduces LivingLens Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in the form of machine speech recognition. This exciting new capability enables near real-time speech to text capabilities, with high degrees of accuracy in many scenarios. This near real-time automated service, which is available in four languages, enables massive scale processing and live in-the-moment capabilities to allow you to get closer to your consumer.

The new version also includes a multi-layer search upgrade, including LivingLens Activity and Sentiment search. This allows users to search video by activity and sentiment, so they can quickly drill down to what consumers are physically doing, or emotional reactions at specific points in the video, to uncover deeper insights into behaviours. These new search capabilities are supported by LivingLens Intelligent Synonym, which provides a new way for clients to integrate their business language into the video content and removes the need to spend time tagging video’s.

All of these new capabilities are also available via API’s, which allows the LivingLens Platform to be seamlessly integrated into existing agency or brand applications through its Partner’s Programme, contact us for more information.

David Woods, Co-Founder & COO commented, “This release is a major breakthrough in the Video Analysis space. Over the last 12 months we have put together a world-class development team, which has culminated in this release. This new version, the first of a number of exciting developments planned for 2016, will now allow the industry to use video at scale across all forms of video, turning it into a data asset in its own right."

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