LivingLens and Cello Health Insight cement partnership with 2 year agreement

Following a successful 12 months, LivingLens will provide Cello Health Insight with video capture and analytics capabilities for the next 2 years.

In March 2017, Cello Health Insight’s digital capabilities announced a 67% increase in revenue vs.2015. This was driven by a growing client base and new offerings such as the LivingLens platform providing searchable video technology.

The LivingLens technology is used to gain video based feedback in Cello Health Insight projects. The non-intrusive capture tools have allowed video to become an integral part of the Cello Health Insight offering, across a wide variety of projects and methodologies. This ranges from in-home patient diary studies to hospital interviews with healthcare professionals. Video has provided an additional lens into even the most sensitive and personal subjects.

Damian Eade, Global Head of Digital at Cello Health Insight said “The introduction of video through LivingLens has been instrumental in delivering insight and adding value for our clients. In the digital team, we pride ourselves on seeking out the best emerging technology to bring to life the experiences of patients, carers, healthcare professionals and consumers. Video through LivingLens has not only delivered on this aim, but surpassed our expectations. In turn, we have experienced outstanding revenue growth which is in part due to the seamless integration of the LivingLens platform.”

Alongside the capture tools available, Cello Health Insight also utilise the LivingLens platform to analyse the video content collected. The analytics module turns what was once a time consuming and resource heavy task into a user-friendly experience. Advanced search and automatic theme and sentiment analysis are just some of the features that ensure using video in market research is more practical and cost effective than ever before.

Andrew Mitchell, Global Commercial Director of LivingLens said “We are delighted to be strengthening our ongoing relationship with Cello Health Insight through this new 2 year agreement. Our collaborative partnership has delivered real results for both companies, which shows no signs of slowing down as we continue to enhance the LivingLens platform. Cello Health Insight have an insatiable appetite for video and have embraced the technology from the start. We have seen the use cases expand greatly throughout our time working with them and it’s been a pleasure ensuring that the LivingLens platform lives up to the challenge.”

Video is now a standard inclusion within project proposals, due to the value it adds. Not only through insight generation but it being able to bring that insight to life through stories. Video provides the ability to see into people’s lives, observe how they interact with their environment and see the emotional impact of their treatment. The seamless integration and powerful analytics modules make it simple and easy to use for both Cello Health Insight, their clients and respondents.

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