Latest Video Analytics Functionality Now Available

We are delighted to announce that our ground-breaking video analytics module is now available within the LivingLens platform.

These exciting developments allow users to gain greater insight from their multimedia content quickly and easily. It represents another important step in making video content more accessible and manageable for insight generation, removing the barriers and time constraints that exist when working with video. You no longer need to watch hours of content to get to the moments that matter, and we now provide the ability to analyse video data at a scale, which was simply not practical before.

The updated analytics module makes it possible to analyse video and other multimedia content at an aggregated level, to understand aspects such as key themes within the spoken word and emotional sentiment levels across your selected content.

The latest evolution includes intelligent theme categorisation. Cutting edge analytics automatically identifies the key themes within content which users can choose to seamlessly group together according to their business needs. Intelligent code frames have arrived!

Our interactive analysis tools mean that users can visualise their multimedia content as structured data. This enables you to go easily from a high-level view, drilling down to individual segments of relevant video, at the click of a button. We make it simpler than ever to generate and share insight from multimedia content.

In addition, our analysis dashboard can be tailored for each project. Users can choose the content to display based on personal data visualisation preferences, ensuring information is targeted and relevant.

If you’d like to know more or to arrange a demo, please contact us.