How to manage consumer video content in a GDPR compliant world

With the GDPR deadline just around the corner (is 2018 flying by for anyone else, or is it just me?), I’m sure that you have most bases covered – email marketing lists, customer databases, new processes, training etc. But, have you considered the consumer video content you hold? Do you know where all this content currently sits? If someone wants their data removed, could you easily find and remove it?

By its very nature, the majority of video used for market research purposes is classed as personal data. Whether you are based in the EU or not, chances are that some of your content comes from respondents living in the EU and therefore is subject to GDPR.

In this blog, we highlight 5 key areas you need to be thinking about when it comes to your consumer video content.

1.     Consent is king

Consent is an important aspect of GDPR, so one of the best ways to ensure compliance is to have the correct consent in place. Individuals must freely give their consent, by giving a clear affirmative statement or action – pre-ticked boxes or inactivity won’t cut it. Consent must be specific and separate from any other T&Cs and you need to be able to demonstrate that consent was obtained.

For more information from a research perspective see the MRS guide

And here are further details on GDPR from the ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) -

2.     Putting you in control (practically and legally)

By using LivingLens, you are in control.

For GDPR purposes you are the ‘data controller’ when it comes to your multimedia content. This means you determine how and why personal data is processed. We act as the ‘data processor’, as we are processing the data on your (‘the controller’s’) behalf.

LivingLens enables you to control who has access to your content at a granular level. You can decide who should see what content, for what purpose and for how long, making it easy to match up how content is used with the consent given by consumers.

3.     Content all in one place

We know what it’s like; you run multiple projects with video (if not, here are some other blogs you might want to read – and ), with different agencies. For some projects you get all the content, for others, you just have a final showreel from a de-brief, but the content is saved in various locations for different teams.

A LivingLens hub is where all your video content (plus images and audio files) can live in one place, hosted in a secure, isolated environment. No more hunting for files and trying to remember project names. The content becomes easy to manage.

4.     Navigating your content

We have a host of features that allow you to organize and manage your content. Video content is transcribed providing a fully searchable account of the spoken word. Clickable theme analyzers provide you with a headline view of key topics being mentioned, or you can use the search bar to quickly find content of interest. For example, any content where a certain product or competitor is mentioned.

And, it’s not just the spoken word. Cognitive services provide facial, tone and object analysis, so you can understand how your customers feel, where they are and what they are doing. Interactive timelines are used so you can navigate to the exact moments that matter.

Metadata and filters can be added to your video content to include any other relevant data you hold. For video survey feedback this might be answers to other survey questions or respondent profiles. For qual projects, this could be demographic or segmentation information. For GDPR purposes, this could allow you to easily find and manage the content from specific individuals.

5.     We’re ready – A GDPR compliant platform

From a recent external GDPR compliance audit, all company workflows and policies have been updated, along with technical architecture implementations to prepare the business and ensure we are fully GDPR compliant.

In addition, we are constantly making technological advancements with video intelligence, and in some instances, this means using the world’s best technology which is provided by third-party software. We have that covered too; all third-party suppliers have the correct policies, security measures, and operational workflows in place, to adhere to the processing of personal data within a GDPR compliant framework.

How the LivingLens platform can help

A video intelligence platform, such as LivingLens, can not only help to unlock the insight in people’s stories, it can also help you to manage and organize your video content. We make it easier for you to order your video data, through streamlined, transparent processes, to support you in becoming GDPR compliant when it comes to your consumer data.

If you’d like more information on how the LivingLens platform can make your life easier under GDPR compliance contact us today.

We’re ready, are you?

This blog post aims to give you some basic information about how video intelligence platforms, such as LivingLens, can support you in becoming GDPR compliant. It is not legal advice and should not be relied on as such. Please seek legal advice where required.