Facial Blurring Capabilities Now Available

We are pleased to announce that we have increased video storytelling opportunities with blurring options. 

Our latest release provides the option for blurring of faces, within a video or image, or the complete blurring of individual media within our leading GDPR compliant video intelligence platform.

When enabled, the new capability allows admin users of the platform the ability to selectively blur captured content.   Blurring is an ideal option for overcoming some privacy and permission challenges. For example, when an end brand can’t be revealed during the fieldwork phase. By blurring the faces of individuals, the media can still be used for storytelling purposes and is ideal for use in healthcare.

Any individual piece of content selected for blurring will also be blurred in the subsequent showreels created in the platform.  Admin users can still benefit from the full range of LivingLens services including facial emotion recognition which is carried out on the original content. They also have the ability to switch between blurred and unblurred displays in order to carry out relevant analysis and insight generation.  

The facial blurring process uses facial recognition software to detect and follow faces throughout the content, enabling the blurring of just faces. This allows the end viewer to gain additional context from the video or image such as the surrounding environment and body language. A full blur option is also available where needed.  

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