How to completely change the way insight video is used in your business

Email search has been a life saver for me on several occasions. I’ll be honest, my emails can appear like a mass of seemingly disorganised information, that would probably give some people sleepless nights. Every now and again, I need to resurrect a piece of information from the abyss. I know that it exists, I’ve seen it before, but I can’t quite remember where, or who sent it for that matter. And, Voila! Email search seems to do the impossible. It finds this tiny piece of information in seconds and I can continue to put off finding the perfect filing system for another day.

Now without search, I would have several other options:

  • Trawl through my emails manually (definite no)
  • Ask for the information again (not always possible)

We are all so used to search functionality, but there are some areas that on the surface, seem like they might not apply.

Video is one.

More video content is uploaded online in 30 days than the major US television networks have created in 30 years1. YouTube reportedly has 400 hours of video uploaded every single minute2. Video continues to grow at a rapid rate and is being used by organisations in a variety of different ways, including within market research. However, when you commission research with a video element, often with multiple agencies, this rich content is invariably only used on a single project. It helps to answer a particular business question, at a single point in time.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to increase your return on investment?

There is technology out there to help. It can change how video used for insight generation is approached. Turning digital assets, such as video, into longer term investments, that can be returned to again and again. Moving the scope of content beyond a single project and providing greater ROI. Video content can become an ongoing reference source, a catalogue of information, an insight resource.

Through transcripts, translations, filters and tagging, digital content becomes searchable. It’s like being able to ‘Google’ your video content. For example, you can easily navigate your content to where someone mentions a competitor, or where the theme of value for money is discussed. Not only can you identify the piece of content, but you can go straight to the exact moment you’re interested in. The information available could help shape your thinking on a subject and help to inform future research projects. Saving you time, valuable resources and money.

It’s easy to benefit from the latest analytics options available regardless of how, or when, you captured the content. With flexible options such as machine speech recognition through to human transcription, there is a solution to suit any existing content you have, as well as to accommodate your future plans.

If you conduct video research with multiple agencies, an insight hub is an opportunity to bring it all together, in one place. Content can be shared across teams, both raw content as well as show reels, summarising findings to facilitate a more collaborative way of working.

Don’t leave your video content languishing in a forgotten project folder, keep it centre stage with an insight hub.

To find out how an insight hub can work for you, contact us.

1Tubular Insights