Launch of new Cloud upload capability

 We have expanded our capture offer with the launch of a new Cloud upload functionality, alongside an updated version of CaptureMe, our mobile research solution.

The ability to easily capture and upload high quality content is an important part of the suite of tools we offer. The LivingLens platform is designed to make the process of working with video as efficient as possible from capture, through to analysis and powerful storytelling with showreels. We have introduced Cloud uploads and developed the latest version of CaptureMe to provide even greater flexibility and an enhanced user experience for our clients and their consumers.

The new Cloud upload capability extends the multimedia capture methods available, making it even easier to utilise video across a broad range of research solutions. Video has the unique ability to deliver rich insight and is the next best thing to meeting consumers face to face. LivingLens uses AI and machine learning to reveal from multimedia content what consumers say, how they say it. what they are doing and how they feel, with ease and at speed.

The Cloud upload capability allows you to upload video recordings from focus group facilities or independent video capture software or hardware into the LivingLens platform. The upload is carried out directly from the video recording device, removing the requirement to capture in-facility, export and re-upload - giving you a more seamless experience.

The Cloud upload is the latest addition to the array of capture options available, alongside in-survey webcam capture, CaptureMe app and offline uploads.

CaptureMe is the ideal solution for efficiently gathering video, audio and images for a broad range of qualitative projects including methodologies such as auto-ethnography, video diaries and in the moment customer journeys.

The CaptureMe app:

  • Empowers researchers to easily set-up and manage their mobile research projects effectively
  • Enables the creation of specific tasks for participants to complete via their mobile devices, wherever they are in the world, regardless of language
  • Facilitates the capture of video, audio and images with ability for participants to add captions to their uploaded content
  • Is available across IoS and Android devices
  • Allows for 2-way messaging so that you can interact with participants throughout the lifecycle of a project

Content from CaptureMe feeds directly into the LivingLens platform allowing you to benefit from the full suite of analytics tools. Respondents and project information such as demographics and segmentation information are appended to captured content to provide additional context and to facilitate effective analysis.

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