LivingLens brings new consumer context and voice to BuzzBack clients

We’re delighted to be working with BuzzBack, as we share a passion for connecting brands with their consumers and for delivering insight in engaging ways. 

The partnership integrates LivingLens’ video, image and audio capture and analysis capabilities into BuzzBack’s core strategy of helping brands better connect with consumers to fast-track innovation. BuzzBack will use LivingLens to add consumer context and voice to its current offering – integrating video with its interactive projective techniques and mobile-first approach to enable greater consumer closeness.

“LivingLens is the ideal partner for us in our continual pursuit for innovative ways to engage consumers to better understand how they act, think and feel. LivingLens delivers huge efficiencies when working with multimedia content, making it quicker and easier for us to get to the moments that matter. The innovation work we do on behalf of the top consumer & healthcare brands requires really demanding timelines, using the LivingLens platform, with its built-in automation, gives us greater agility and makes us more effective.”

Carol Fitzgerald, CEO at BuzzBack

The projects we have conducted already, across a range of accounts, territories and languages, have delivered fantastic results. We’re looking forward to collaborating on fresh ideas to continue to add value for BuzzBack and their clients. If you'd like to find our more about the LivingLens platform and our partnerships, get in touch today.

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